Be a Sponsor

Want to be a sponsor? It’s a pretty good deal.

Our sponsors are the reason that we are able to offer RE BarCamp at little or no cost to the attendees. This includes space, food, beverages, shirts, lanyards, session materials, and lots of other things. That’s a pretty big deal – and the attendees know it.

1317230_29811116There is so much good that comes of RE BarCamp that sponsoring it should be its own reward HOWEVER  the nice thing is sponsors get so much more than a warm, fuzzy feeling. There are a ton of benefits for our sponsors, for they are creating a pitch-free environment where real estate professionals can come and acquire an unadulterated education based on collaboration and the exchange of ideas and best practices. Attendees get to choose what they want to learn about. There are no judgments, no pressure, and no nonsense. These may very well be the only events in the industry that are completely brand agnostic and with no hidden agenda. This is valuable to the attendees. In exchange for that, the volunteers who organize the event and the attendees offer our full  sponsors:

  • A boat load of good karma – we all need that!
  • The gratitude and appreciation of the attendees and the organizing committee – good faith goes a long way in New York – the city that never stops talking.
  • Link love from this site and bloggers who promote the event via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr – and the list goes on. If you have any SEO strategy at all you will see the great value of this.
  • Specific mention of your company at the event before, during and after the event to every attendee.
  • Exposure to real estate professionals – lots of them – to meet, forge partnerships, make new friends.
  • Sponsor showcasing (logo and write up) on this site that will stay up here until the next RE BarCamp.
  • Your name/logo prominently on the giveaways – something that sticks around long after the event and used by a ton of the best and brightest minds in the real estate world – and beyond.
  • The opportunity to put your company’s info and swag on the “swag table” (swag good – pitching bad).
  • Room naming rights (while they last).
  • Access to an exclusive after-event hosted by The Lucky Strikers Social Media Club.
  • TWO tickets to RE BarCamp for you and your favorite person.

Oh, by the way, just one little bit of housekeeping…. BarCampIS NOT a vendor show. Please, don’t come to sell your services. Sponsors will receive the exposure articulated above, but sponsorship DOES NOT grant anyone the opportunity to pitch your product or service in front of attendees. If your product or service is great (and it is, or you wouldn’t have the progressive thought it takes to sponsor a BarCamp) it will sell itself! Preach passion not product and success is sure to follow.

An RE BarCamp sponsorship is, hands down, the best sponsorship value in the industry. It is not possible to get greater, more targeted exposure anywhere for such a low cost.

What does it take to sponsor RE BarCamp NY?

The beauty of RE BarCamp is that sponsorship is very inexpensive. Sponsorship starts at $500. Your generous donation will be used to offset such costs as securing the venue for the event, provide a meal and refreshments, print badges and t-shirts, secure internet access and any AV needs, support the promotion of the event.

What do we need additional sponsors for?

  • Lunch
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • T-shirts (printing of)
  • Lanyards (badges)
  • Easels, Pads, and Markers
  • Giveaways/contests
  • Adult Beverages for after the BarCamp wraps up – always a popular sponsorship
  • Private dinner for sponsors, organizers, and guests to take place a few hours after RE BarCamp put on by The Lucky Strikers Social Media Club

Want to make a greater contribution and be an exclusive sponsor for any of these larger expenses? We will be sure to let everyone know about anyone that picks up one of these. Those sponsors will be granted the coveted title of Platinum Sponsor. Your logo will be significantly larger everywhere it shows up (like on the site and any giveaways, you will get a more extensive write up when we announce your sponsorship, and you will be announced at the time of the event using/consuming/giving away your contribution.

The long and short of it is: the more support we receive from sponsors, the better this event can be for the attendees = the more they remember it and continue to talk/write/tweet/Facebook/Google+/etc. about it.

Interested? Please fill out the contact form HERE and let us know what you are interested in sponsoring. Already KNOW you want to be a regular sponsor? Great! Click HERE and just purchase a sponsor package and we will be in touch shortly after that to finalize the details. We will be sure to connect with you quickly and get you up here on our site.

Thank you in advance for your support.

-The Lucky Strikers Team