Hotel Discounts for #REBCNY Attendees

Through the efforts of our organizing committee and the generosity of ! The Roger Smith Hotel we have been able to secure VERY favorable rates for  the attendees of RE BarCAmp 2013. We have a preferred rate to all attendees of RE BarCamp New York during the entire week.  Mention RE BarCamp (call)/input (web) the code “REBAR2014” when you reserve your room and you will be given the rate of $139/night! Special rates are also available for larger suites so give them a call and ask them about those if you are interested. To put things in perspective:

“Special” Inman rate at the Grand Hyatt$260/night
Regular Rate at The Roger Smith$199/night
Special RE BarCamp rate at The Roger Smith$139/night
Savings from going to REBCNY and not staying at the Grand Hyatt$121/night 

That’s less than half price to stay in a classic NYC hotel on 47th and Lexington Ave – just a few blocks from the Inman Connect! If you come in for the conference and stay at The Roger Smith you will save $484! This is just based on if you come to REBCNY and Inman and leave immediately after. If you are parlaying the week to do some travel you save even more $$$.

This is not a pre-paid, non-refundable shady room rate you’ll find on a discount travel site. This is the actual rate you are getting to get for simply reserving the room – all courtesy of The Roger Smith and Lucky Strikers.

What you could do with that extra money:

  • Buy the the new top-of-the line Google Nexus 5 phone OR (almost) a 10” Nexus Tablet computer
  • (Just about) Get yourself a 16 gig iPad Air
  • Treat yourself and 26 of your closest friends to a hot pastrami sandwich at  the Carnegie Deli
  • Reserve a block of 34 seats at New York’s famous Ziegfeld Theater to see The Hobbit (or some other movie you would enjoy)
  • Take a cab from the northern tip of Manhattan to the southern tip – TEN times
  • Purchase half an Inman Connect ticket
  • Donate $484 to the charity of your choice

Whatever you decide to do with it, it’s yours and yours alone and doesn’t have to go to a more expensive, less charming hotel.

In case you are wondering what $139/night gets you, here are some pictures of where you will be staying – complete with a swanky  bar, and roof deck – for those of you who are brave enough to go out on it in January 😉 Not a bad place to stay in the heart of an amazing city, eh?

This is just one of the surprises we have in store for you all; more to come very soon. Looking forward to seeing you all at BarCamp folks.



  1. I love the list of “savings possibilities”!

  2. Thank you!! Great info and going to be an awesome event!

  3. Does anyone want to share a room? If so DM me @Robin4Homes 🙂