RE BarCamp 2013 RE-Cap

Now that everyone’s had about a week or so to get back and catch up and digest all of the great things that happened last week at RE BarCamp NYC we figured we would share with you some of the photos from the event. Some of the big takeaways we got from the 15th were:

  • Less of a focus on social media per se and more about functional, measurable online tactics
  • Mobile is a trend but how you approach it will determine your mobile presence
  • Lead generation is nice but lead conversion is what people strive for
  • Rich media like quality video and photography are what consumers pay attention to over mere text – and the market is waking up to that – finally
  • There may never be an end to the iOS vs Android debate. The Apple vs. Google thing will live on at least until REBCNY 2014.
  • Top notch real estate professionals tend to gravitate toward one another

Many of these concepts were not new to most of our attendees. One great thing that came of this is that the conversations tended to be more sophisticated and deeper than in years past. The questions and discussions were much more specific and targeted at specific issue in the industry and what our attendees are facing every day. We learned from many of our attendees that they walked away with even more actionable information than in years past. This was GREAT to here.

Have a look at the pictures that were captured by many of our attendees and, of course, our media sponsor Gotham Photo Company. Please feel free to tag yourselves and your friends and leave comments. All of these are sitting on Google’s Picasa photo platform and in Google+.

Direct link into Google+  Click Here


  1. What a terrific album of photos for this special day! I especially like the dinner photos of sharing, networking, and antics! …a fun day of connections, for sure!

    • I’ve curated as many as I could from attendees to supplement the great ones taken by Vince and crew. If you have any let me know and I can add them. It’s a monster album and I’m hoping it will serve as a directory of the who’s who at NYC BarCamp for the new Google+’ers looking to make some friends. Nothing connects people like photographs.