Registration is Open!

Hello fellow BarCampers,

Thank you for your patience. It was worth it, I assure you. The registration for RE BarCamp New York is now open and we are go! You can find it by clicking the RSVP tab at the top of this page or clicking HERE. The cost to you will be paying for your own lunch – maybe. If we get a lunch sponsor you won’t even have to worry about that. RE BarCamp is still the best value from a sponsor AND an attendee perspective, hands down.

The number of attendees will be limited to 150 people. Please get in there, register yourselves, PayPal us your registration fee to hold your place, and look for a confirmation email from us. That’s it.

We would also like to ask you a favor- bring your A game. We are hoping that this BarCamp will be a very strong turnout, not just of good minds but of good ideas. Don’t just be an attendee, be a participant. It’s the best thing about BarCamp. Sitting in a chair and having information jammed down your throat is so 1990’s and, sadly, you can get that anywhere. You don’t have to lead a session to be a true participant. Simply show up and have some good points to make, thoughts to impart, secrets/tips/tricks to share. The brightest people I have ever known in this industry, I’ve met at BarCamp. This won’t be hard to do.

We have had a ton of great success and amazing support from our sponsors BUT we are not done yet. There are still a number of things we need help with. If you, your company, your broker, your uncle, your dog, whoever wants to be a sponsor please contact us HERE and let us know about it. Thank you for all of your continuing support.

We are looking forward to seeing you on January 11th.