The Lucky Strikers Social Media Club is proud to once again be organizing and hosting RE BarCamp NYC this year. For those of us that don’t know us, please visit our site to learn more.

Whether or not you have been to REBCNY in the past, you are in for a treat. We have secured a great venue that really captures the spirit and vibe or REBCNY.  This year we are returning to The Roger Smith Hotel. This venue is outstanding however we will not be able to hold as many attendees as we have in the past. “Quality over quantity” will be the watchwords for this year’s Camp.

Due to the limited capacity of this space, we can only support up to 100 attendees.

Food and beverage will be served so we will make sure you have the provisions you need to be your best. You won’t have to worry about dehydration either since we will be keeping the beverage tables stocked with fluids to make sure you won’t get parched due to all the talking and networking we have in store for you.

-The Lucky Strikers Team