Session Description: Video, Video and More Video!

We know the power of the written word has had a huge impact on Social Media (eg. Twitter, Blogs, Facebook) but video is starting to have more and more influence. From Vlogs to asynchronous conversation to online video conference calls, video is maturing before our eyes. Are you ready and able to meet your audience when they pop up on one of the sites below?

A sampling of some of the platforms that are being used to create interesting video dialog:

  • Tokbox is a free service that lets you talk with your friends over live video. Here’s how it works: you sign up and we give you a link. When you want to talk with anyone, just give them the link – they click and you chat.
  • Seesmic provides anyone with an innovative way to communicate and connect online through video conversation. It’s so easy: record a video directly on Seesmic’s website, mobile phone or upload an existing video straight from your computer or link to a video posted on a social network.
  • Qik has a vision to enable every mobile user to share their moments live with their friends, family andtheirworld with the click of a button from anywhere in the world.
  • 12seconds is the best place online for video status updates. It’s a super easy way to share what you’re doing with your friends and family using short video clips. You can use your web cam or mobile phone. Show your friends where you are, share your thoughts, or tell them how you’re doing. We are building a video status platform that will help you keep up to date with your friends 12 seconds at a time.
  • Viddler is a fresh, creative web application that allows you to upload, enhance, and share digital video easily and quickly inside your web browser.
  • Ustream.TV is the live interactive video broadcast platform that enables anyone with a camera and an Internet connection to quickly and easily broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size. In less than two minutes, anyone can become a broadcaster by creating their own channel on Ustream or by broadcasting through their own site, empowering them to engage with their audience and further build their brand.
  • Utterli helps you create and follow discussions with friends or new people with similar interests. You can create or join a discussion from any mobile phone or computer. Utters are cool because they can be audio, video, pictures and text, and it’s really easy to post to your other online profile pages.
  • Vimeo is a thriving community of people who love to make and share video. From simple moments to masterpieces, Vimeo is the perfect home for you to upload, store and share all the video you create.
  • Others such as Phreadz, Stickam, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Flickr,, VloggerHead, LiveVideo, Justin.TV, etc.

The session will be led by Derek Overbey (Roost), Mike Price (MLBroadcast) and Jeff Turner (Real Estate Shows).  Mike and Jeff both run businesses dedicated to video and I’m just a video junkie!

Please join us in an interesting discussion about video on how you can and should use it to enhance your business.