Announcing Redfin as a #REBCNY Sponsor

The RE BarCamp team is proud to announce that Redfin is now a sponsor for REBCNY 2010. Redfin has always been a supporter of RE BarCamp since the beginning and we are happy to have them again this year. Just to give you a little background on them – they are different, very different.

RedfinOne of the members of The Lucky Strikers Social Media Club, Michael Daly is the New York Market Manager for Redfin Real Estate. If you are doing real estate on Long Island in the Hamptons, you probably know Mike. And Mike knows real estate.

Mike speaks about Redfin and what they do passionately and consistently. One of the tennants of what Redfin believes is that real estate companies need to be ‘truth tellers’. They should not shroud information from the consumer but rather give them access to information to educate them. It’s not all that different than the Syms school of thought, “AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER‘. The better idea of the market and the process of a home transaction the customer has makes it that much more likely that it goes well. A transaction that goes well, usually goes quickly and that saves everyone expense.

This idealogy is not so different from what we do here for BarCamp. This is one of the rare times where real estate professiionals can show up and for one day, leave their brand, firm and affiliations at the door and just be an individual that is here to learn and teach others and better the industry as a whole. There are no hidden agendas and nothing to gain but relationships and enlighenment. It’s no wonder Redfin has been such a strong advocate of these events.

Please visit Redfin’s site and give them the appreciation that every sponsor deserves for sponsoring RE Barcamp. See you all on 1/11/11.