Buyfolio values chance to interact with city’s brokers

Buyfolio, the only NYC real estate platform that allows buy-side brokers to collaborate with their customers effectively, is thrilled to be a sponsor of RE BarCamp 2012!

With Buyfolio, brokers and their customers can search, save, organize and discuss listings. Buyfolio greatly improves the broker’s workflow while providing the customer with a meaningful way to organize their home search and collaborate with their family members and others.

More than 1,000 NYC brokers are using Buyfolio already to win more business, close more deals and get more referrals. With one of our newest features, brokers can have their own search landing page to help convert leads.

In addition to the most accurate listing data and the most powerful client management tool set available in New York City, we also are recognized for our forward-thinking philosophies:

  1. Brokers must empower their customers with technology and data;
  2. Homebuyers search multiple listings sites, and brokers need to find a way to be part of their multi-site process;
  3. Homebuyers need a better way to communicate and collaborate not only with their broker, but also with the other people involved in their home search.

We believe the buy-side brokers who embrace these philosophies will succeed. Those who don’t will continue to see their business and pipelines diminish.

Since Buyfolio was created for the buy-side real estate broker, we are delighted to have this rare opportunity to interact with and support the Big Apple’s broker community and beyond.


  1. This is great news!  We are so excited to have these folks as sponsors.