NorthReal’s ideology is a perfect match for RE BarCamp

NorthRealNorthReal is a first year participant and sponsor of RE BarCamp NYC and couldn’t be more excited to support such a meaningful event. Anytime the NorthReal team has an opportunity to be a part of a gathering that creates a relaxed atmosphere where there’s free & open interaction between those of us who have a love for real estate its a no-brainer. These are the types of sponsors that make the best partners for BarCamp. They just “get it”. And they are really doing some very interesting work in the space.  A little about NorthReal:

Northern Real Estate Technologies (NorthReal, Inc.) is a New Jersey-based information technology company enabling powerful delivery of mobile & internet-based applications to the real estate industry. Real estate technology is taking center-stage and is rapidly reshaping how business is being done. NorthReal’s mission is to provide exciting new ways for consumers and Realtors to experience the real estate transaction. The ability to get instant property information, access to social enhancing tools, and a smarter real estate search that can match home-buyers’ tastes in home design are just a few key areas that NorthReal is blueprinting.

Technology is the foundation in building a richer user experience for both consumers and real estate professionals. Fortunately, today’s real estate pro understands that technology enhancement is not an option anymore but a genuine matter of corporate survival.

The NorthReal team is passionate and resolute in providing real estate professionals and consumers the necessary tools to transact property more effectively and efficiently. We look forward to meeting everyone and taking part in the day’s discussions and festivities.

Please make sure to check them out on Twitter and Facebook to see all the things they’ve got going on. You may have just found a new partner for your business!