RE BarCamp thanks RECake for their support

Get your sliceRE BarCamp is happy to welcome REcake to its list of great sponsors. These guys get mobile and web and mobile web apps.

REcake is unique– it was started with the need of Real Estate clients in mind. Berry, a REcake cofounder and property investor, thought there had to be a better way than being handed printed lists of properties to drive around and see. And agents are always dealing with hundreds of properties and dozens of buyers. It gets confusing.  REcake hopes to make keeping track of buyers and properties a well, piece of cake.

  • Face it, handing your clients a printed list of properties and sending them on the way is not convenient.
  • With smart phones in the hands of more and more people true native mobile applications are a great way to enable communication.
  • REcake helps real estate agents communicate with their clients using custom mobile apps.
  • REcake custom mobile apps focus on easing the back and forth that happens with agents and clients- by making it easy to communicate.
  • There your app is, right on the screen for your client to open and talk to you.
  • For $15 a month you get all three mobile apps customized for you- iPhone, Android, and Palm app.  Other apps are coming soons including Blackberry OS 6 and Windows Phone 7.
  • The apps are for your clients- all back end features are accessible
  • Once a client has a REcake app on their phone they are probably less likely to “sign shop” a different agent.
  • REcake is a brand new startup– not officially launching until mid January 2011–  they are taking Beta registrations now at If you sign up for the beta before launch they will waive design fees.
  • Based in an unusual place for a tech startup- Oklahoma.

Please check out REcake’s website to see what they have to offer.