RealYields is the Latest REBCNY Sponsor

Analyzing property values often seems more like a magical dark art–with the real information hidden behind opaque “window dressing”– than a science. Now, however, a new cloud-based application, named RealYields, is clearing away the dense fog and allowing buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals to evaluate, publish, and share property performance metrics and investment property listings. RealYields addresses transparency issues often found with buying and selling of investment properties through offering essential financial metrics and formulas in a simple and easy-to-use application.

Buyers and real estate professionals representing buyers use RealYields to quickly analyze residential properties for investment feasibility using landlord, lease-purchase, or fix-and-flip strategies.  For sellers and real estate professionals listing or marketing property, RealYields provides a platform in which one can easily publish a property to the web and syndicate it across social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as major property listing sites, such as Trulia, Google Base, Oodle, and Vast all while maintaining the integrity of an investment property listing.

“There is a transparency problem between investment property buyers and sellers,” said Ryan Hinricher, Director of Corporate Strategy and one of its funders.  “We believe both sides are losing because of this lack of transparency.  Therefore we built RealYields to give buyers the relevant investment information and analysis they need to make informed buying decisions and sellers the platform to deliver this information efficiently and effectively.”

RealYields is an Austin, TX based company founded by Manish Patel and funded by Hinricher and Stephen Green of Investor Nation.
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