RentJuice believes in RE BarCamp New York

RentJuice is an easy online Rental Relationship Management database where rental professionals collaborate to close rental deals faster and more efficiently.  Their technology easily allows property managers, real estate agents and brokers to manage and market rental inventory in real-time, communicate and partner with clients, and digitize paperwork in an intuitive and simple interface.

The RentJuice web-based software is a content management tool that can help simplify and centralize the rental process by keeping everything all in one place and by providing a solution that is easy and quick to adopt within your business.  Through RentJuice, agencies and property managers can create relationships with customers and partners, keep track of rental listings in real-time by syncing directly with the local MLS and property manager listings, advertise on 30 syndicated sites including Craigslist and Trulia, and eliminate burdensome paperwork by automating the application process.

By centralizing the rental process workflow, making money from rentals can be easy and RentJuice will help ensure that the process is painless.  RentJuice has helped customers grow their rental business, increase efficiency and productivity, generate more leads, recruit agents, and ultimately close more rental deals faster!

Let’s welcome RentJuice to the RE Bar Camp New York family and thank them for their generous sponsorship.