Sponsorship underscores Heddings’ approach to business

Agents at The Heddings Property Group are continually driven by a quest to put buyers’ and sellers’ interests above their own.

By nurturing our agents, capitalizing on technology and staying ahead of the the curve in every way possible to provide our clients with the best possible service without exception all the time, we are proud to say that our group excels in the industry.  Thanks to our marriage of big-city experience with boutique-quality service, HPG raise the bar way above the norm in its enduring mission of doing business differently from others in meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of buyers and sellers.

The Heddings Property Group is a true team both with our clients and within our company.  We partner closely with each client to assure the proper alignment of interests.  That’s one important reason that we compensate all our agents for every transaction that comes through our door via profit sharing — a unique approach that benefits our buyers and sellers in terms of the complete and unbiased attention they receive.

At The Heddings Property Group, we thus are inspired by relationships, not commissions.

And because we are independent and unencumbered by the procedures of tradition-bound large companies, we are able to utilize unbridled creativity and ingenuity to market and syndicate our property listings the way they should be presented to consumers, to gain the widest exposure and highest return possible.

We love what we do and the people with whom we work, including our friends at RE BarCamp.  That is how real success happens.


  1. I would expect nothing less from a forward thinking organization such as this. Thank you folks!