Square Foot Advisors is new sponsor this year

Square Foot Advisors designs and implements back-office operations to enable real estate professionals — whether individuals, teams, individuals or brokerage firms — to focus on the most productive activities that promote efficiency and generate revenue.

Everyone appreciates the necessity of clearly identifying and documenting the “nuts and bolts” of the business, but lack of time, resources or understanding tend to become obstacles to completing this critically important ongoing process.

Our extensive experience in real estate operations, sales and marketing allows us to assess a client’s business so as to make informed recommendations that will pave the way for growth and future success. By creating an effective and smooth-running operations environment, Square Foot Advisors becomes a partner in helping clients reach their goals, freeing them to concentrate on a degree of face-to-face communication that produces income.

Square Foot Advisors has two cornerstone services. Our monthly retainer arrangement centers on weekly meetings to review and solve issues. In that role, we provide advice and support for technology, staffing, accounting, legal, sales and marketing as essentially a key team member. Second, our Contact Management System leverages the impact of the hundreds, even thousands, of contacts in a a client’s database by automating many operations and marketing procedures.

When agents, brokers and brokerages work with Square Foot Advisors, they reap the numerous benefits of the extensive expertise acquired by our seasoned real estate professionals, whose sales, marketing and operations skills proved their value over several decades — even when the nation’s market environments were most challenging.