The Parlour NYC goes for the Gold

The Parlour NYC never fails to impress guests with its impeccable chef-driven cuisine, customized cocktail menu and unparalleled hospitality. We provide an unforgettable experience in a handsome stylish perfect for special occasions, business, or a grand night on the town.

The Parlour’s chefs craft a delectable array of eats, from bar noshables to entrees — all complemented by draft beer and novel cocktail creations.

A crispy carriage of toasted brioche ferries buttery jumbo shrimp scampi from plate to mouth in The Parlour toast appetizer. Mountains of Alpine Swiss melt across hot slices of new york strip beef in steak and tomato sandwiches.  House-baked focaccia comes together with seared ahi tuna, deviled eggs, tomato-almond pesto and herbed mayo to create the pan-bagnat sandwich.  (It tastes like victory in overtime.)  Ground brisket beef supports The Parlour burger’s vow to stock its brioche buns with no other meat than beef.

To wash lingering crumbs down hatches, guests can avail themselves of frothy pints of brews such as Hoegaarden or Guinness.

And what a memorable space!

Pale hardwood planks race each other down The Parlour’s long floor, from which sturdy white columns rise to support a second story of dining tables and high-tops. A glittering, black-topped bar runs the length of the space; snuggled up to it are rows of leather stools, each hoping to catch enough droplets to work up the courage to flirt with an elegant loveseat out for an evening on the town. Massive posters sport larger-than-life likenesses of cultural icons that contribute to each meal with knowing smiles or furrowed stares that seem to say, “I would have had the duck.”

Nothing could please us more than our Gold sponsorship of an event as compelling as RE BarCamp New York.  Truth be told, The Parlour NYC likes to think it is The Parlour that puts the “bar” in BarCamp!