Conference call notes.

We had our first organizational conference call on Monday. This post is just to share the notes.

Audio recording of the call. (About 30 minutes)

Notes from Kim Wood

Call today to talk about what people would like to volunteer for and planning.

Website is up and running
People need to RSVP if they are attending on website. Jay will complete and get list on site.
If you want to lead a session, please email Todd.
Would like help writing posts on the blog, anyone can email Todd and he’ll send login information. Especially if you would like to lead a session, it would be good to start posting about it.

Daniel has been officially named the Go-To Zebra Man. (ok, I added the Zebra part)

Jeff will help coordinate the “on the ground” items.

About 150 chairs/tables for people – but overflow/standing room is fine!

What to do if there is extra sponsorship money?
– Party
– Prizes
– Donate to Charity
– Pass onto next Bar Camp

Beer w/Bloggers 6p-8p
Event after?

Nametags came from – Andy said – Don’t forget to order the lanyards with them!

Notes from Jeffrey Bogert

* Todd and Rudy nominated Daniel to be the point person.

* Jay will be maintaining the official list and we need to get people to register at site.

* Lunch – Better Homes and Garden is working on this. Must leave the hotel to eat otherwise must use the caterer. Possibly a restaurant close by that we could rent out or preorder food and people can just go and grab food and drink.

* Room – Covered by Inman

* Sponsorships – Who should handle the donations? Daniels has had a brief conversation with Joe Ferrara about this. Lots of people are ready to go but need a place to hold the $$.

* Need to get the word out to people on the ground that wouldn’t normally be aware of the event. Rudy will use Trulia Resources. Jeff can reach out to the NCJAR and have them notify members.

* Big question is to get volunteers to lead sessions – what will be done. The suggestion is to develop a few big sessions and then publicize before event so people know what they are in for as well as the ad-hoc session. Email [email protected] so these people can get set up and write some blog posts.

* Todd is going to develop the volunteer form tonight. So people can sign up

* Name tags – Andy used for San Francisco event. Make sure to order the lanyards.

* Trulia – Party after the Zillow Party.

* Wifi – still a question. Daniel thought that there may be someone who would sponsor than but presenters should be prepared to not be on the internet.

* Altos Research Party – Wednesday

* Monday the 22nd will be the next call.