Important Note to RE BarCamp registrants

We would like to congratulate you on your decision to attend BarCamp. This day is shaping up to be quite a day – and when we say day, we mean the whole day. The BarCamp is not the end of the event by any means.

We first would like to take a minute to thank all of our great sponsors that have stepped up, believed in The Lucky Strikers Social Media Club and BarCamp. This event really cannot happen without the faith and generosity of our sponsors so they really need to be applauded. Please visit the Sponsors page on this site and click on their logos to check out their business and their offering. All are quality and all want to work with BarCampers.

Secondly,  some of the folks that registered have not completed their registration. The second portion of the registration is actually paying for your lunch – which all attendees much have at the event. This is the terms and conditions of us getting this venue from our very generous sponsor, The Roger Smith Hotel.  The Lucky Strikers do not see any of this money. It goes directly to The Roger Smith. Everyone has to pay for their own lunch including Lucky Strikers, Sponsors, and volunteers. We have employed a great plug-in on this site that makes this process easy. All you do after you fill out the registration form and click ‘submit’ is wait for your browser to redirect you to PayPal, where you will pay your registration fee of $26. Here is how this fee is disbursed:

Your fee: $26


PayPal fees:  $1.05


Fees for lunch and unlimited beverages for the day: $25

Balance: -$0.05

This begs the question, ‘where does the 5 cents come from?’ Well, it’s being picked up by The Lucky Strikers. That’s right, we are paying for you to come to BarCamp.  Given, this is a small amount. However, we are technically taking a loss on BarCamp. Why?

The Strikers feel that this is an important enough event to do so. We believe in it and what it represents. Most of all, we feel it is good for our industry. At the time of this post, there are 110 paid registrants. This event is limited to 150 registrants. What does that mean?

If we receive 150 paid registrants before January 10th, we have to close out the event, leaving the incomplete registrations out in the cold, literally. It’s January. 🙂

We cannot and will not be allowing anyone into this event who has not completed their registration. If we do, it will come at a cost of $25 per head that The Lucky Strikers Social Media Club will have to pick up.  We cannot afford to do that.

If you have not yet completed your registration please do so to guarantee your spot at RE BarCamp New York 2011. We are really looking forward to seeing you all and having a great day!

The Lucky Strikers Team