Drew Meyers will be dropping insights from his latest venture at RE BarCamp

Drew MeyersFor those of you who have been coming to RE BarCamp New York for a while you’re familiar with one of our regulars, Drew Meyers. He’s been one of those great goto guys that always has great insights and best practices to share. Personally, I enjoy the things he does very much. What some of you may now know about him is that he is an avid traveler. He’s spent quite a bit of time over the past few years in Africa, Europe and Asia. He realized that his passion really was in travel and has turned his attentions toward that. His new startup, Oh Hey World, is something he’s been keeping under wraps – until now. He’ll be at REBCNY this year and he’ll be sharing some of his experiences on what he’s learned and how it applies to all businesses. If you’re considering making improvements to your business, website, or changing your model he’ll be able to help you answer some of those hard questions (possibly with some more questions). He’s also in the market for new partners so if you have that entrepreneurial spirit you may want to pull him aside and have that conversation too. Smile

Get to know Drew

Prior to co-founding Oh Hey World, Drew embarked on a series of backpacking trips over the course of his 4 and a half years working at Zillow. Since his departure in 2010, he’s been traveling the globe making money as a digital nomad. He was on the marketing team at Zillow focused on online marketing, SEO, community building, and business development. He managed the Zillow API program from 2007 to 2010 and grew the partner network to over 3,000 users. Additionally, he founded and still serves as Editor of Geek Estate Blog.

In his free time, Drew enjoys reading and is extremely passionate about giving back to others. His focus in the philanthropic space is microfinance through his involvement in myKRO.org, a multi- author blog devoted to exploring the world of microfinance he co-founded in 2008. He actively maintains a personal blog where he writes about whatever is currently top of mind.

Drew holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

A little bit about Oh Hey World:

Oh Hey WorldOh Hey World is the inside connection to the world around you. The people you meet and spend time with while traveling make or break travel – we’re focused on connecting you with people with shared experiences and interests for you to spend your time with wherever your travels take you.

Stage: private beta and early in the fundraising process