Benchmark supports REBCNY’s all-day experience

Relationships are the backbone of Benchmark Mortgage.  Thus do we dedicate ourselves to preserving and strengthening all current and future relationships on a foundation of honesty, loyalty, empathy and commitment.

Each individual with whom we choose to align, on both the corporate and branch levels, is strategically selected to embrace a positive attitude that uplifts everyone.  To us, a positive attitude means belief, passion, confidence, simplicity and enthusiasm.  Since attitude either attracts or repels, Benchmark insists that a positive outlook is everything.

Underlying the value we add is our dynamic, the ‘twin engines’ of Benchmark Mortgage that generate creativity and innovation.  Those qualities distinguish us from the others, along with our adaptability, marketability and daring.

Success in every relationship is the gauge by which we ensure Benchmark’s movement in the right direction.  What contributes to successful relationships is profitability, teamwork, goal setting, planning and alignment.

Senior mortgage planner Sharon Starke, a 20-year veteran of the lending industry, exemplifies the Benchmark culture.  Says she:

I enjoy the working with clients, educating them to make wise decisions, plus interacting with real estate agents and others.  I see my primary role as helping my borrowers integrate the mortgage loans they select into their overall long- and short-term financial and investment goals, while also meeting their payment, equity and cash flow objectives.

To Benchmark mortgage, excellence is not merely doing things well.  It is doing things great.  It is a way of thinking and doing.  In other words, excellence means to us growth, strategy, knowledgeability, effectiveness, dedication and efficiency.