Continental Home Loans steps up as Platinum sponsor

Continental Home Loans

Continental Home Loans Inc. (CHL), is a multi-state licensed banking entity that originates mortgage loans directly to consumers.

We pride ourselves on earning the respect and trust of our customers, both borrowers and real estate partners, one loan at a time, while guiding buyers through the process of financing a purchase or helping owners refinance their home.

As a direct lender, we take a personalized, comprehensive and consultative approach to recommend the right loan.  CHL’s loan officers analyze current and future monthly cash flow as well as short- and long-term financial planning goals, evaluate the price that customers can afford, pre-qualify them for the right mortgage product and even connect our potential homebuyers with our real estate partners as a pre-approved borrower.

Knowledgeable, extensively trained and licensed by state and federal authorities, each of CHL’s loan officers is expert in compliance and legal regulations as they pertain to mortgage originating.  They possess an enviable understanding of our virtually unlimited portfolio of mortgage products, which can meet the requirements of literally any borrower — from those with the smallest down payments in need of government-backed loans to those seeking conventional loans.

With headquarters in Melville, N.Y. , CHL has helped consumers obtain home financing for more than 25 years, becoming the No. 1 privately held mortgage banker on Long Island.  We are proud of that achievement but even prouder of how it demonstrates our commitment to providing the best service, analysis and advice to our customers while underscoring our support for our real estate partners as teammates.