Have you been looking for your NEXT PERFECT HOME?


What do you get when two ex-IT executives (who used to drive a billion-dollar-plus software business segment for IBM) turn their passions for real estate toward the Metro New York marketplace?  NEXT PERFECT HOME, that’s what!  Co-founded by Jeff Wade and Eddie Hasicka as the newest brand for Flynn Realty, a real estate firm that has been serving Long Island residents for over a century, NEXT PERFECT HOME was created to focus primarily on New York City market.  Beyond standard sell-side and buy-side transactions  the duo also has specific focus on international clients, corporate relocation, and what they call "metro migration."

Eddie sums it up best: "We noticed a very interesting trend when it comes to real estate in New York City and Long Island.  Manhattan agents rarely crossed a bridge, Brooklyn was isolated to a large extent with its own MLS, and besides Long Island City, Queens and most of the rest of Long Island viewed Manhattan and the Hamptons as another planet.  The problem we noticed was many local residents were managing a life cycle of movement from the city, to the island, and back to the city — what we call "metro migration" — as their social stage in life changed.  When that happened, they were passed from agent to agent given the way agents from one area viewed the other (and not even to another agent in the same brokerage), missing an opportunity to create a special relationship.  The challenge is you need to understand every type of property and multiple locations to handle the diversity in our area, something Jeff and I knew we could uniquely tackle given our backgrounds."

Jeff was not foreign to corporate relocation and also saw an interesting opportunity.  "Working in corporate life for over 27 years, I personally came face to face with the realities of working with people in other cultures from all over the world.  Moving from one job to another is stressful enough, but try a different country, culture, and even language.  It helps to spend time with people who can ‘feel your pain’ and know what it’s like to go through the process themselves on the client end.  Eddie and I have worked across the globe, including Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, so while we don’t speak every verbal language personally, we understand the cultural and business language extremely well."

Both Jeff and Eddie look forward to sharing their insights during RE BarCamp (Eddie was with us last year) as they offer insights and expertise during the event.  As you get to know them, you’ll quickly realize they are big on integrity, honesty, and candor; it serves them well with customers, clients, and brokers alike.  Both will be with us and are excited to get to know more campers over the course of the day.

To better understand what they do, please feel free to check out NEXT PERFECT HOME on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you or someone you know needs insights as to better understand the Long Island to Manhattan connection please consider NEXT PERFECT HOME and support this sponsor!