REBCNY welcomes Guaranteed Home Mortgage as sponsor

Founded in 1992, Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company has expanded so rapidly since its inception that it has appeared on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

Each borrower is aligned with a licensed loan officer and loan processor who guides the consumer through the mortgage process from start to finish.  Our mortgage professionals take the time to ensure that a loan of interest to the individual also is the one best suited to that person’s needs.

Through us, borrowers can access the best loans available in the marketplace and follow the process online or with a dedicated loan officer.

Guaranteed executives Robert M. Tuzzo and Eric Busuttil introduced Guaranteed Select last September.  It is a concierge service for real estate brokers and agents, plus financial professionals.

Guaranteed Select provides an array of customized support activities to increase productivity and give participants an edge on the competition.  The alliance that it fosters among real estate professionals, mortgage originators and prospective homebuyers is designed to provide training, marketing, education and referrals.

As Guaranteed Select Director Robert M Tuzzo puts it in announcing the new service:

Our program meets an unparalleled need between Realtors and mortgage originators to collaborate at a top professional level on the entire home buying process.

We’ve created a framework of mutual support and look forward to launching this unprecedented effort to the Realtor needs at the highest service levels.

Eric Busuttil , co-founder of Guaranteed Select, offered his view that real estate professionals “are missing key elements only available to mortgage professionals, and , as a result, they are unable to operate at peak efficiency.”  He added, “Guaranteed Select is designed to address this gap and help both professionals serve the ultimate center our attention, the homebuyer.”

The service is one of numerous ways that Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company provides exceptional mortgage services.

Our company is dedicated to providing consumers with the best service at the most competitive pricing.  That is our highest priority.