Torontoism returns as a #REBCNY sponsor


I am very happy and grateful to announce Richard Silver or Bosley Real Estate, author of Torontoism, as a sponsor of RE BarCamp 2013! For those of you know don’t know Richard, he is a very successful real estate professional in Toronto (obviously). Something that most of you don’t know is that Richard has been a sponsor of RE BarCamp New York every year since The Lucky Striker Social Media Club has been organizing it. He’s been a consistent believer and benefactor of this event and has been there for us every year. He’s not just a professional but a strong participant in the real estate community at large. Generally, our sponsors are somewhat local because that’s what BarCamp sponsors do – they sponsor local BarCamp. With his sponsorship, Richard reinforces his investment in our entire industry. When asked about the origins of Torontoism, Richard simply replied:

“ is the name of my Blog about Toronto. It came about when I met Ines Hegedus-Garcia ( at my first REBarCamp in New York City four years ago in 2008. It is my take on the Real Estate Market as well as news and views about living in the centre of a great City, Toronto”.

Richard Silver

I think this pretty much sums up the value of stepping outside of your local area. Thank you Richard for your continued and generous support. If you have a friend or client who is looking to buy or sell in the Greater Toronto area, please consider giving Richard a call FIRST.